CEO Proposed to His Ex-wife 99 Times

Chapter 349 Men Are All Bastard

Her rude words darkened Dr. Hollis’s face. Katherine didn’t step forward, because she was clear that Frances will get worse while seeing her.

Standing beside, she was expecting Marshall can come soon.

Dr. Hollis made a long face, “Mrs. Mason, mind your words and you are responsible for your behaviors and words.”

Frances snorted, “It’s none of your business. You now let me in and I go to the bitch. I wanna figure it out what makes the bitch so attractive and my husband and you are willing to do her a favor.”

Dr. Hollis stared at Frances, a while later, he spoke in a medium voice, “Your husband? As I can tell, Khalid is single now.”

His words made Frances still. With a surprised look, she said, “He told you?”

Dr. Hollis said nothing.

A few seconds later, Frances laughed, “No wonder. Khalid found a good time to divorce from me. They must have contacted each other before, so he kicked me away. No way! I am killing them.”

Finishing, she headed to the in-patient department. She knew which room the bitch was in.

Dr. Hollis tried to stop her, “Mrs. Mason, you calm down. It’s a hospital here, you will be ejected if you mess up here.