Soon they reached home and saw her sleeping; David didn’t disturb her and picked her up and went inside. When he entered, he saw everyone waiting with gloomy expressions; he already understood what they knew.

David didn’t care and walked to the stairs; Kylie and the others were dead worried, but they saw David said nothing, and Kate was safe and sound with him; they let him go without disturbing Kate.

But Kevin and Nate had different expressions on their faces, they wanted to stop David and talk about the incident, but David might already realize he had stopped on the stairs.

“Don’t disturb us now; she is not in the mood to entertain anyone.” David cleared it because he knew they were anxious to ask about what happened in the mall.

Nate and Kevin stopped on their track and let David walk away.

David went to their room and put Kate on the bed; as he put her down, Kate grabbed his shirt tightly; David had no choice but to lie on the bed, hug her close, and pat her until she relaxed.

This gave him the taste of failure; he hated himself for the first time in his life because of his careless decision; she was suffering, and it would be best for him to tear apart his own heart to bear the pain instead of her, but he fu***ed up this time.

His eyes turned bloodthirsty, and he suddenly craved Oscar Astor’s blood and the power behind him. He wanted to slaughter both of them with his bare hands, and he would do it now.

That night David hugged Kate like he was clinging to his own life, not her. Kate had a nightmare that night, but she forgot them soon after she woke up, but David remembered them clearly, and he decided what he needed to do.

He would put an end to everything and end it once and for all because Oscar Astor touched his bottom line.

The following day Kate woke up with a calm mind as if nothing had happened, but her calmness didn’t last for long when she saw the empty place beside her, she looked around, but there was no trace of David.

She jumped out of bed, walked to the bathroom, and sneaked inside, thinking he might be inside, but he was not there.

Kate was disappointed; where did he go? She hurriedly washed up and went to the study room, but he was not there, and Kate’s expression darkened when she found he was not anywhere he should be.

Kate went downstairs, and she saw everyone was sitting in the living room and discussing yesterday’s matter; when they noticed Kate,

Kylie was the first one to stand up and go to her daughter; she hurriedly hugged her daughter; only god knows how much she had yawned to hug her daughter, but her son-in-law was such a prick.

Now she could complain about her son-in-law, she was just dead worried about her daughter, but since her son-in-law said she was okay and did not disturb her until she woke up, no one was allowed to wake her.

It was already 9 am, but no one dared to knock on the door and call her, fearing their son-in-law would flare up on that person. But then, David suddenly dragged Kevin with him in the morning and went out.

hugged her mother back when she felt her anxious mother was barely holding back her tears; Kate patted back, “mom, it’s nothing, don’t be afraid.”

someone else, so brave of her that if David had been there, David would’ve rolled his eyes

my daughter, why are you beautiful?

speechless; she wanted to tell mom where she got this beauty from, if not

They were dead worried about

the floor, but David was

she was feeding them PDA with the way she was calling David so intimately as if they would not recognize who

anxious and felt something was

went out with Kevin; he said he would be back soon.” She lied, seeing her daughter was a little

children; she carried them one by one and said goodbye. Three of them seemed too excited to see their mother and jumped

was not worried, but her mind was wondering why he suddenly went out without waiting for her

the other hand,

chair with crossed legs and looked down at the people in front of him. The brutal and bloody mess was enough to make faint enough on the spot, but the people standing there were not

their master, they had the same bloodthirsty heart; they didn’t even blink when they saw these people beg like that; they just felt these people were getting easy, and their master should

a master, like his

Mia Smith shrinks in fear and looked at Kevin and David like they

us go.” Jack looked at the scene in front of him in horror; he had done so many evil things in his life to

not from the same father, seeing the live acts of inhumanity, he finally knew what it felt like to harm others yet suffer the worse in

believed in

you think you're a big shot, huh?” Kevin once again kicked Jack in the belly, and Jack threw up blood when he

strength when he beat them, he wanted to vent the anger he had held for five years, and this bastard was the cause of his parents' miserable

wasn’t enough and stood by Mia Smith, letting her almost kill his sister

beating Jack Allen and Isaac with the man David ordered to beat them until fear didn't freak their brain french

whom she had raised even more treasonously than a national treasure, but this boy now looked at her like he couldn’t wait to rip apart her head the next

herself to hate him because he was her last resort, whom she loved wholeheartedly and treated

like that, and she believed this till now, but suddenly

out to be someone else’s, the woman she hated with her life

if he was not looking at the woman who was his mother

believes he can control Nate Smith and snatch everything from him

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