Captivation Want Nothing But You

Captivation Want Nothing But You

Authors:Adolf Dunne
Num Chapters:424
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Chapter 423: Mother-child Relationship

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While she was speaking, Rachel opened her hand and dropped something on the floor. No one noticed it; only Olivia. Olivia’s eyes widened and she grabbed the item without anyone seeing. Then she kowtowed to Rachel, pressing her hands and forehead flat on the ground. “Miss Bennet… Thank you, thank you so much…” The bodyguards hauled Olivia to her feet and dragged her out of the Sue Garden. Ivan watched the display, frowning disapprovingly at Rachel’s actions.

“Miss Bennet, are you really going to let her get away with embezzlement? The details on the account are proof enough of her actions.” Rachel turned to look at Ivan with a sweet smile on her face. “Perhaps it’s you who doesn’t want to let her get away with it? I thought you just said that Victor gave me free rein to handle this as I saw fit?” “I’m surprised, that’s all. I thought you’d give her a heavier punishment than just being thrown out the Sue Garden,” Ivan said pleasantly.

“Actually… You’re right. I want to do a little more than just kicking her out the Sue Garden.” Rachel turned to Ivan with an impish smile. “Ivan, tell me, if she were to pay back every cent that she has stolen, and then get arrested, how long would her sentence be?” Ivan blinked in surprise as he considered her question. After a moment of silence he said, “I’m not sure. It’s not set in stone, but I think the sentencing ranges from 3 months to a year.”

“Three months is definitely not enough.” Rachel’s eyes glittered with malice, and the impish grin on her face turned nasty. “Excuse me?” Iyan turned to her, his eyes begging her for an explanation. “Ivan, would you be so kind as to call the police and tell them,” she paused dramatically, “that there has been a case of theft in the Sue Garden.” “Pardon me? Theft?”

Rachel nodded solemnly. “The matching earring of the one I’m currently wearing is missing. I dropped it on the ground just now when I was dealing with Olivia, and I can’t seem to find it.” She reached up and removed the earring in her left ear. She laid it in her palm and handed it to Ivan.

“This single earring is worth about 200, 000 dollars. How many years do you think the person who stole it would get if they were caught?” Before Ivan even had a chance to answer, Rachel turned around and left. She was well aware that the sentence for stealing an item of such value was somewhere between 3 to 10 years. No more, and no less.

There was no way Rachel would have just accidently lost something that valuable. There was also no way that it would have fallen out of her ear so easily. Rachel had planned this. She’d deliberately dropped the earring so Olivia would steal it. Ivan could do nothing but stare down at the earring in shock when he realized this.

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Captivation Want Nothing But You

Captivation Want Nothing But You

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