Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 1491: He’s Also A Child

“I’ll go with you.” Jiang Yao picked up two apples from the table and shook them at Lu Xingzhi. “If it’s nothing serious, we can say that we heard the child crying, so we came to take a look at the situation and maybe to help the child.”

“That’s so thoughtful of you.” Zhao Weiqi complimented Jiang Yao.

When Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao arrived next door, many people gathered in the courtyard next door, and two were in military uniforms.

The two soldiers were pressing down on a boy who looked about ten years old. The boy looked thin and small, but his strength was astonishing. Those two soldiers were young and strong, yet he could still wave his hands and kick his feet fiercely at them. The two soldiers were so tired that they were sweating.

A 30-year-old woman raised her hand and slapped the boy. Then, she took the boy’s clothes off. She scolded him and said, “You motherless wild child, how dare you steal my son’s clothes! Today, I’ll strip you *****! ”