Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 1490: The Wild Child

After a pause, Lu Xingzhi said, “Even if you meet him, you are not allowed to look at him!”

They were men. Lu Xingzhi knew that Ouyang Chenrui’s desire to chase after Jiang Yao was not just talking.

“Are you overthinking this?”

Jiang Yao curled her lips. “I told him that I am already married and that our relationship is very good. Even if he had that intention before, he should have stopped long ago, right?”

Lu Xingzhi would bet that Ouyang Chenrui did not intend to stop coveting his wife at all!

“Someone like Ouyang Chenrui is not chivalrous at all. Perhaps he is like a madman in his bones when it comes to love.” Lu Xingzhi insulted Ouyang Chenrui again.