Can't stop loving you

Chapter 216 You Have No Right To Negotiate

Viola grabbed his clothes and looked at him with red eyes, "Say it again!"

"I have called the doctor who will do the abortion for you. You can decide when to do it today," As a result, coldness gradually appeared in Maynard's eyes. He told his arrangement in a calm and composed manner.

There was no sign of joking on his face, and Viola was stunned, her hands sliding down from his clothes on his chest. "If you do it for me out..."

"You don't deserve my anger." Maynard's face looked calm and his tone sounded extremely ruthless. "If you don't have any opinions, you'll have an operation today," he said

With her eyes wide open, Viola stepped back unconsciously. Her eyes suddenly became firm. "I won't have an abortion. You can forget it."

"It's not up to you." Maynard sneered.

Viola's heart sank.

At this moment, the elevator door opened. With a sweet smile on his face, Yesenia walked out and held his arm. "Am I late?" she asked

"No, let's go." Maynard smoothed her hair and looked at her with infinite love in his eyes.

Viola suddenly panicked and tried to pull his clothes, but two bodyguards suddenly blocked her in front of them, separating them from each other.

She pushed the two bodyguards with great force, trying to stop Maynard, but they were caught by the bodyguards instead. In a hurry, she shouted, "Maynard!"

Maynard acted as if nothing had happened. He held Yesenia in his arms and walked forward slowly, without turning back at all.

At that time, Viola could do nothing but helplessly watch them walk into the elevator and the elevator door was closed.

From that noon on that day, Viola had been trapped in the hospital by Maynard. Not to mention to escape, she had bodyguards following her even when she went to the bathroom.

The bodyguards were so wary of her that they didn't even talk to her out.

Viola faintly sensed that she couldn't escape.

She sat on a bench outside the corridor, with her legs folded, arms around her knees, and her face buried in her arms helplessly.