Can't stop loving you

Chapter 215 Have An Abortion

And when she did not notice, Sandra's face has already been very bad.

At this moment, the door was pushed open from the outside. Earl Lan came in with his suit coat in the right hand and a handkerchief in the left hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead. "Why is it so hot today?"

"The weather forecast said it would rain at about five o'clock this afternoon. It was not so hot then." Sandra said casually.

Earl Lan nodded. He saw several cups of yellow medicine on the table, walked over, picked it up and smelled it.

"Is this a cup of cold tea? You're thirsty. Drink some water slowly. " Before anyone could react, he held the glass and took a sip.

Viola accidentally looked up and saw it. Her face changed. It was too late when she was about to stop him.

"It's so bitter. What the hell is it?"

Looking pale, Earl Lan covered his neck with his hands, as if he was about to vomit, but he could not vomit. Later, a bitter feeling spread in his mouth. He ran to rinse his mouth as quickly as he could.

Suddenly, Viola felt a little lucky that she hadn't taken that medicine.

"Look, isn't he still alive?" Sandra withdrew her sight and handed the soup to her. "Mrs. Chu, hurry up."

Viola forced a smile which was worse than crying, picked up her white bag, and rushed out of the door bypassing her.

She had witnessed the destructive power of Sandra, and she was afraid of being destroyed, Viola ran back to her own house and took out the key to open the door.

When she saw that Ann was feeding the adorable rabbit, she felt so grieved and indignant. She leaned over and gently coaxed, "Ann, let's give the rabbit to someone else. It's such a waste of food every day."

Every time she saw it, she was extremely jealous.

"You have disappeared for days. How dare you say that?" Turning around to take a look at her, Ann handed over a piece of food to the rabbit in his arms and said expressionlessly, "Tell me. Have you thought about what I asked you last time?"

Viola tried to muddle through and said, "Actually, I don't really remember. I don't have any memory at all."