Can't stop loving you

Chapter 214 How Long Do You Want To See Other Men

Maynard looked in the direction of her gaze and saw two women who were fighting with each other and were all black and blue. His face suddenly turned black.

The closer Viola looked down, the colder she trembled with cold sweat coming out on her forehead.

"Everyone, come here!" The woman wearing a heavy make-up covered the cut on her face with one hand and exclaimed in excitement with the other hand, "She is pregnant with the child of my fiance and aborted once every two years, and now she seduces the CEO of the Group again!"

The crowd began to scream!

Hearing that, Vivi turned around and saw Maynard. Her pupils shrank, and her face was red and badly bruised. She stepped forward and grabbed his clothes, her voice and tears streaming down her face. "Maynard, I'm pregnant with your child, and I aborted for you. You know that, right?"

With a slight cough, Viola silently retreated aside and distanced herself from Maynard.

"I don't know." Maynard withdrew his sleeve and said coldly.

While hearing what he said, Vivi choked and looked incredulous, with tears flooding over her fair face.

Upon seeing her, Viola glared at Maynard and said, "Hey, don't be ashamed to admit what you have done. You are a man."

Maynard cast a cold glance at her. Seeing that, Viola had to shut her mouth.

"Ha ha, but what's the point of saying so, Vivi?" The girl in smoky makeup burst into laughter with obvious sarcasm in her eyes. "Do you think I Ella Su am the kind of person who will fight without preparation? I have evidence! "

She took a lot of indecent photos and videos out of her handbag and threw them all to the floor.

The floor was a total mess of pictures, in which Vivi was doing exercise with a man. When Viola was about to look at these pictures, her eyes suddenly turned dark.

"Don't look around." Maynard extended his hand to cover her eyes. In a grouchy tone, he said, "Julie, get rid of them as soon as possible."

Before Viola could react, she was pulled into the office.

She pushed his hand away and said impatiently, "Why did you block my eyes? I haven't seen enough yet."