Can't stop loving you

Chapter 213 Shouldn't You Care About That

Though a little surprised, Viola was more relieved.

While Vivi seemed to be at a disadvantage with her eyes shining.

"Come with me. Let's have a talk." Maynard came to Vivi's side and said to her.

Noticing his change, Vivi was disappointed.

With a speechless look on her face, Vivi slowly reached out her hand to hold the handrail of the stairs. Seeing that, Viola couldn't help but doubt that something was wrong with them.

So she walked quietly to the corner of the stairs and tried to eavesdrop.

"Mr. Chu, why don't you help me?" Vivi felt disappointed and hurt.

With his hands in the pockets of his coat, Maynard could not tell the joy and anger in his deep eyes. "How long do you plan to keep pretending?" he asked

"I don't understand..."

Vivi was about to explain when Maynard interrupted her with a grim and stern expression. "The woman I saw five years ago wasn't you."

"No way!" Vivi's eyes began to move unconsciously when she refuted him in a sharp voice.

"Well, your hand is different from that of a woman five years ago." Maynard sneered. "Her hands are as cold as ice. Yours are not."

Clenching her right hand tightly unconsciously, a hint of panic flashed through her eyes. Vivi tried to calm down and said, "It was cold because of the weather at that time. But now it's so hot. Of course..."

"Really?" Maynard smiled and asked, "What's your feeling about that night five years ago?"

With shyness all over her face, Vivi lowered her head uneasily and said, "Back then How can I say it?"

Maynard grasped her neck with his big hand. All of a sudden, he tightened his grip and laughed in fury. "That woman was crying five years ago. Your reaction was not her at all!"

Vivi was pinched so hard that her face turned pale. With a strong desire to live, she slapped his hand hard. When she heard his extremely determined words, her pupils shrank.

The corner was filled with fear. Viola dared not make any sound while biting her finger.