Can't stop loving you

Chapter 206 The Potential Of Helen Of Troy

An hour later, standing outside the corridor of the hospital, Viola saw the doctor in a white coat walking out of the ward, and she quickly ran up to Chol.

"Doctor, how is my mother?" Chol's eyes were full of anxiety.

Viola nodded. She used to be adorable and delicate, but now her face was ghostly pale due to anxiety and worry.

"The patient passed out because of anger. Don't irritate her anymore." After the doctor finished, he put his hands in the pockets of his white gown and left.

With cold eyes, Chol ran up to Maynard, punched him in the face who was leaning against the wall.

With his sharp eyes and agile hands, Maynard successfully dodged the attack. Instead, he grasped his hand with both his hands and pushed him against a wall.

When Chol's head hit the cold and hard wall, a crisp sound was heard.

Viola was numb. She walked forward and pulled him apart. Opening her hands to draw back Maynard and block Chol. She said, "Maynard, we're in the hospital now. You beat after back home."

"Come back with me, Viola." Maynard's eyes were as dark as the sky.

Viola shook her head and became more determined than ever. "I won't go with you."

A violent aura was emitted from Maynard's whole body in an instant. His eyes seemed to be preparing a storm.

Viola turned a blind eye to Maynard.

"My mother is so sick. Viola needs to take care of her" Chol walked out from behind her with a trace of swollen bangs on his forehead.

Being stunned for a while, Viola nodded her head. She looked at Chol and said, "Let's go inside and wait for aunt to wake up."

After throwing a glance at Maynard with a half smile, Chol put his arm around Viola's shoulders and walked in.

Viola was uncomfortable with his unexpected behavior, and she struggled with her strength out of instinct. Suddenly, she felt something cold on her back.

She turned around and saw a pair of eyes preparing a storm. She shivered and unconsciously followed the direction of her ward by the hand of Chol.