Can't stop loving you

Chapter 203 Not Punish Me

After taking the bread, ham sausage and a bottle of yogurt, Viola closed the refrigerator door and turned around happily

Suddenly, her face changed and she screamed.

Sandra stood in the living room, holding a feather duster in her hand. She seemed to be well prepared.

Viola was so scared that she loosened her hand, and the box fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

She looked at Sandra who was standing at the door from nowhere and swallowed hard. "Good, good evening."

"Mrs. Chu, it's late at night. What are you doing?"

At the same time, Sandra played with the feather duster in her hand casually and walked in with her high heels.

"A midnight snack," said Viola whose smile was uglier than crying

"Okay." Sandra nodded her head. She lifted her foot and stepped precisely on the bread and ham falling on the ground.

When she saw that the bread and ham were trampled, Viola felt that her heart was almost bleeding. "You stepped on my thing."

"It's okay. I'll cook for you." Said Sandra, putting her apron on the nails.

With a wave of her head, Viola looked very frightened. "No, no, I don't think so. I'm not hungry."

She smiled awkwardly. She looked calm on the outside, but in fact she was freaking out. She ran upstairs to the study and pushed the door open without even knocking it.

Viola quickly ran to the desk and patted Maynard with her hands, her chest heaving up and down. "Mr. Chu, I need your help."

Hearing that, Maynard raised his head. His sculptural handsome face was revealed. With a faint smile on his face, he said, "Well, tell me."

Viola said in a grieved and indignant tone. She felt like weeping but had no tears. "Please Sandra don't cook any dark food. I can't afford to be hurt."

If things kept going on like this, she would starve to death or be poisoned to death sooner or later.