Can't stop loving you

Chapter 198 Miss Qi, Why Are You Doing This

Viola checked that Maynard had left B City. Just because of her anger, she stayed there for three days and then swallowed her food slowly.

The first thing she did when she got home was not to go to the villa, but to go straight to the door of her own house.

When she was fumbling for her keys in her white bag, the door opened from inside.

Ann, who was wearing a dress like a green dinosaur, stood in front of her and flipped through the ceiling like a black grape, "Come on, it takes more time for you to get the key than I do to open the door."

Upon hearing what he had said, Viola paused for a second and then as if she realized something, she stretched out her hands and wanted to give him a big hug

But before she touched a corner of his shirt, Ann moved aside quickly with quick eyes and hands. He had an expression of disgust on his face. "It's very hot outside. Don't sweat me."

Taking back her hand in embarrassment, Viola said sadly, "Ann, your attitude is too hurtful. You should pretend to be hesitated, or I'll feel bad."

Then Ann turned around and sat on the sofa.

Feeling helpless, Viola took a deep breath, with an expression of regret on her face. She walked in, turned around and closed the door.

She was bold enough to sit beside him and even hit him with her shoulder. Although reluctant, she said, "Ann..."

"Tell me, where have you been these days?" Without raising his head, Ann was doing math exercises on the table with a pen in his hand.

Viola looked away awkwardly and smiled bitterly, "Well, I'm so busy these days. I haven't gone anywhere."

"You'd better tell me frankly." Ann nodded his head and added, "Or else, I will not find any clue of you."

Upon hearing this, a gust of tension occurred to Viola's throat. She tried her best to maintain a smile that was as same as before, but she silently moved a little further.

She was unwilling to give up and struggled, "In fact, I really..."