Can't stop loving you

Chapter 196 An Exorbitant Price

Viola tugged at Jennifer and signaled her to stop talking. The less trouble the better.

Jennifer was too angry to listen to Viola. With a cold face, she put her arm around Viola's shoulder and said, "Do you know what kind of relationship she has with Maynard?"

A bad premonition arose in Viola's heart. When she was about to say something to stop them, another voice interrupted her. "What's the relationship?"

She looked towards the direction of the voice and saw it was Mr. Mei.

"She is the wife of the CEO of the Chu Group. Even if she wears cheap clothes in a hundred years, she is still the wife of the president!" Said Jennifer seriously.

The expression of people at present suddenly changed. They looked at Viola carefully.

Viola noticed that Mr. Mei was different from others. He seemed to consider her value.

Viola's heart sank.

"Mrs. Chu, I'd like to have a talk with you," Mr. Mei turned to her, looking shrewd but turbid.

"Of course you can."

She looked at the people in the ward and the meaning was self-evident.

"Everyone, please go out." A sharp light flashed across Mr. Mei's eyes.

The two policemen and Jennifer went out of the room with kindness. Under the impatient eyes of Mr. Mei, the stroppy Mrs. Mei and her brother left reluctantly.

After a while, the door was closed. There were only Viola and Mr. Mei left in the ward.

"Since you have such a relationship with Mr. Chu..." Mr. Mei paused and immediately said, "If you want to live a good life, tell your husband to give ten percent of the development project to our company."