Can't stop loving you

Chapter 193 Why Are You So Jealous

A handsome brother?

As soon as Viola heard the two words, she picked up her ears, and then she realized what the little girl was doing. She rushed over to grab her mobile phone back

However, before she could make a move, she was pulled by a slender and warm hand. Then she fell into a man's arms with strong masculinity. She struggled violently.

"Damn it..." Maynard pressed her on the bench and covered her mouth with his hand.

Viola's eyes widened, and the anger seemed to be on the fire.

At the same time, the little girl took this opportunity to run to them and pressed the speaker on.

Thus, the two parties had been able to hear the conversation through all means.

"You are That beautiful girl, right? " Chol's voice was so soft and tempting.

Hearing what he had said, Viola didn't want to move at all, but just concentrated on what the little girl and Chol were talking about. She didn't pay attention to how close Maynard was behind her.

The little girl's eyes lit up like the brightest star in the night. She suddenly nodded and said, "Yes, I want to know what kind of relationship you have with Aunt Viola."

"Oh, I see..." After a brief pause, Chol's charming voice rose in the air, "Is your daddy curious too?"

"Yeah, you are awesome!"

The little girl shouted at the other end of the phone. Her excitement was obvious.

"Actually, Aunt Viola and I are both grown-ups. We know what we should do."

He then changed his tone, and in an instant, the atmosphere was so ambiguous that it made people want to get.

She was tricked again!

Viola was speechless. The volcano in her heart erupted at the moment. She went all out to struggle and bit Maynard's hand in a hurry.

When the other party felt a little relieved, she managed to get out of his control. Then she strode over and grabbed the cell phone. Without any hesitation, she scolded loudly, "Chol, you bastard! You pervert, you pervert, go to hell! "