Can't stop loving you

Chapter 192 I Want You To Explain Something

Seeing that, Chol burst into laughter with anger. He then had a micro facelift, and saw a woman with an innocent look.

Being stared at by him for quite a while, Viola felt uneasy all over. The bad feeling made her become alert. At this moment, the thin lips of Chol slightly moved. As if nothing had happened, he wore sunglasses and left.

"Well, you wait for the police to come and explain the situation. Then I won't make things difficult for you." The boss of the restaurant gave the marriage license back to Maynard Leaning against the counter, he stopped saying in a hurry, "But..."

Just as Viola thought she could leave this place of trouble smoothly, her heart missed a beat on hearing this, "But what?"

"But I think you should finish all your leftovers, right?" Pointing at the pile of food, the restaurant owner was so angry that he thumped the table and said, "It's shameful to waste food. You will be punished."

With a numb expression on her face, Viola grasped the hem of Maynard's coat uneasily. "Mr. Chu, help me."

Maynard withdrew the corner of his clothes and patted the dust off it with a disgusted face. "You made a mistake. Pay for it yourself," he said

Viola's little face collapsed.

All of a sudden, her eyes shone. She had come up with an idea, but she had not given up. "In fact, Mr. Chu only needs to eat something. It's very simple."

Yes, as long as he ate it, it was killing two birds with one stone!

"So what?"

Maynard's narrow and long charming eyes raised slightly.

With her face covered with both hands, Viola winked at them, trying to make herself look cute, and said, "You take the food for us. I didn't bring my cell phone with me, and this is all I have..."

She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Then she put her hand into her pocket and took out a purple five cents.

A mocking smile appeared on Maynard's face. He raised her small and fair chin and said, "As long as I divorce you now, you're the only one who can compensate."