Can't stop loving you

Chapter 190 Go To Have A Great Meal

When she saw that there was no thunder, Viola nodded slowly and looked at him coldly for a while. "OK, I trust you for once."

She secretly pressed the pause button of the recorder pen with her hand in her bag, where no one saw her.

"Can I leave now?" Victor clenched his teeth. He didn't want to give up so easily, so he lifted his hand to make a gesture for asking for money. "Can you give me some money?"

Viola chuckled and raised her leg to kick him without hesitation.

Victor ran out of the room with his hands on his head in a mess.

Viola poured a glass of water and took a sip. After calming herself down, she returned to the holiday villa and went straight to Maynard's room.

She raised her hand and knocked on the door. After hearing a deep voice say "Come in", she swaggered in.

"What's up?" Maynard took a glance at her and then looked down at the documents in his hands, as if nothing had happened.

Arms folded over her chest, Viola rolled her eyes and said impatiently, "Isn't it nonsense?"

"What is it?" Maynard leaned against the back of the chair and looked at her leisurely.

Viola snorted and slapped on the table, a sapphire blue recorder pen appeared on the large desk.

"For me?" Maynard smiled, with a hint of carelessness in his eyes.

Viola glared at him angrily, and her anger instantly erupted like a volcanic eruption. She couldn't stand it any longer. "I'm going to expose the true face of Vivi."

Vivi opened the door and just heard it. Her face suddenly turned gloomy. "What did you say?"

She didn't close the door. Being extremely angry, she went over on her high-heeled shoes.

"I said, I would expose you!" said Viola.

Vivi avoided eye contact with her, and then she looked at Maynard as if she had seen some hope.