Can't stop loving you

Chapter 186 So Shameless

With a dried smile on her face, Viola pouted and acted pitiful. "There's no passer-by here. It's so inhumane of you to leave me alone here."

"What?" Hearing that, Maynard raised his eyebrows in confusion. "In your eyes, aren't I always like that?" he asked

Viola thought that he was right. She was speechless.

Although she wanted to say it, she didn't have the courage. So she acted extremely angry against her conscience. "Who said that? Tell me. I'll beat him to death!"

Maynard didn't say a word, but looked at her with a meaningful gaze.

Viola hastily shifted her sight and pretended to look at the scenery on the side of the road. "Mr. Chu, please give me a ride and let me stay by your side to spy on me. You will know exactly what I want, won't you?"

"You are right." With these thoughts in his mind, Maynard put his chin between his hands and held his chin between his hands. A faint light flashed across his eyes. He raised his chin slightly and said, "You can get on the car now."

Viola didn't expect the surprise coming so suddenly. She was overjoyed, "What?"

"If not, I'll go." Maynard closed the window.

As soon as she heard his words, Viola hurriedly opened the back door and got in, afraid that he drove the car away.

Maynard glanced at her through the rearview mirror and frowned without being noticed. He started the engine and drove away.

Looking out of the window for a while, Viola found that the scenery behind her was becoming stranger and stranger. She anxiously patted the seat behind him and said, "No, shouldn't you turn around and go back?"

He didn't have any sign of turning around!

"I didn't say that I want to go back. You think too much." Maynard kept looking straight ahead with a casual expression on his face.

Upon hearing this, a bad mood took over her.

She patted the seat hard, gnashed her teeth and said, "Stop the car."