Can't stop loving you

Chapter 182 Sounds Like A Fool

Four days in a row, a lot of gossip about Viola cooking for other people spread everywhere in the villa.

That night, with a lunch box in her hand and a finger pinching in her hand, Viola stepped into the villa in a good mood. She thought that it would be three days before she didn't have to cook for Chol anymore.

However, a cold wind of the glacier, mixed with the terrible murderous intent, made her hairs stand up.

She looked in the direction of the people with different auras and saw only Maynard was in the big living room. She walked over to him and forced a smile. "Good evening, Mr. Chu."

"I'm hungry. Let's go and cook." Maynard kept his head down and typed on his notebook with both hands.

The smile on her face suddenly disappeared. She put the lunch box on the table and said, "No."

"Do you really keep a toy boy outside?" Maynard cast a cold glance at her.

Viola rolled up her sleeves and continued, "Whatever you think. I want to prepare the food for tomorrow instead of bickering with you."

Humming a song, Viola went into the kitchen as she was in a good mood again.

After cleaning the celery and putting it on the chopping board, she was about to cut the knife, when suddenly there was someone behind her.

When she saw a figure on the chopping board, she was scared and turned around. "Mr. Chu, what are you doing in the kitchen?"

"This celery can have hypoglycemia. Which elder are you cooking for?" Maynard picked up one, examined it for a while, and then turned around and threw it into the trash can.

Blue veins stood out on her forehead. Viola pushed his hand away and said, "Your hands are not cleaned. Don't touch my food!"

"Reporter Qi, I think you should make it clear that this is my house." Maynard's face darkened. "You have to ask for my opinion before you cook for others."

Viola took a deep breath and raised the sharp kitchen knife in her hand. "Mr. Chu, if you're not afraid of death, please go on with your story."