Can't stop loving you

Chapter 180 Give Up

The next day, Viola got up early and went back to the villa.

There was no one in the villa. Just as she thought nobody was here, she heard footsteps coming upstairs. She looked up and found it was nobody else but Earl Lan.

"Miss Qi, I will fly back to X Country by plane later. Please take care of my daughter." It was obvious that he hadn't had a good sleep last night.

Just as Viola wanted to ask if the transaction between the two had not been completed yet, she saw Jennifer and Bernard coming down. As the words were to her lips, she changed her mind abruptly, "Why did you suddenly come back to X Country?"

Was it because his daughter was unable to be the prince's concubine and he had to give up unwillingly?

"I need to go back to attend Prince's funeral. Alas, so young..." Earl Lan heaved a long sigh.

Hearing that, a few dry chuckles could be heard from Viola inside the room. Trying hard to speak out, she said, "At present, there is no evidence to prove that Mr. Chu was really dead, isn't it?"

Maybe he was not one of them

Both of Jennifer and Bernard looked at each other.

Viola was pulled over to the sofa and sat down before she could react.

"I know it comes so fast." After making up her mind, Jennifer continued, "The reason why you refuse to accept the truth is that you can't let him go, but at least you should be open-minded."

It suddenly dawned on Viola. She silently moved backward to keep a distance from her. She put on a false smile and said, "I have been open-minded all the time."

Seeing the dubious look on Jennifer's face, Viola smiled calmly.

"By the way, Maynard has left a large fortune to you. Is that true?" Bernard pushed two of them aside and sat down, smiling innocently.