Can't stop loving you

Chapter 175 The File Is Fake

"Fool around?" Even had miscarriage?

Viola was shocked by the two things.

She squatted down to pick up all the papers, and looked through them carefully. She found this document was completely different version from what she had read before.

The contents of the file were very bad, and it was completely replaced by someone maliciously.

Viola thought, 'I just took away the page about Ann and burned it, and the rest was the same. But now...'

She suddenly had a sense of fear just like an enemy watching behind.

Looking at Maynard's black and cold eyes, Viola was in a panic.

She held the material in her hand and stood up. After swallowing hard, she said, "Mr. Chu, this material is fake. It's totally fabricated."

Why did she say that she was fooling around with men? Or many? Was she so horny?

Why would she miscarry? The doctor had never told her that she wanted to have an abortion?

"Will I believe you?" Maynard laughed in fury. He walked around the wooden table and came in front of her. Pointing at her chest with his left hand, with his slender index finger, he said, "I even doubt that the child you are carrying now is not mine."

A chuckle came out from her mouth which was covered by a hand. There was not even a hint of smile in her eyes. Viola raised her hand to hit hard on Maynard's face.

"You want to hit me?" Maynard cut her hand and wrenched it into a fist. Instead of feeling warm at all, his eyes were filled with cruelty.

There was pain in her hand, and her face suddenly turned pale, but she didn't show weakness. "Yes, I really didn't expect you to say such things!"

"When the child is born, we will test its DNA, and if it is found to be other people's child..." Maynard lifted his thin lips slightly. There was a sense of coldness and cruelty on his handsome and elaborate face. "You and your child should take the consequences."

He shook off her hand in disgust.

Viola almost stumbled. She rubbed her red wrist and threw the messy documents into the sky angrily.