Can't stop loving you

Chapter 173 What Happened

The door was closed in front of everyone.

"Shit! What happened? "

The male colleague, Lily, almost dropped his jaw.

"It must be going in and begging the boss." With sarcasm, Selina raised her hand and waved at a group of colleagues.

Perhaps curiosity prevailed, and all the male and female colleagues were eavesdropping on the door as if they had made an appointment

Viola handed the document to Maynard and lifted a strand of hair from her cheek behind her ear. "I'll go first."

She walked to the door and as soon as she opened it, a large group of people rushed in.

Viola blinked quickly to the side and patted her chest in shock.

"If you don't work hard, your salary will be deducted." With a cold face, Maynard walked up to her and looked down at the people who had fallen on the ground.

Some of them ran faster than rabbits.

Viola shrugged her shoulders and started to walk. Suddenly, her shoulders were pressed down and her lips were covered with a warm touch

"This is the reward." It seemed that Maynard inadvertently took a bite on her lips and then slowly released her.

Viola slapped him in the face and said, "Liar!"

She flushed with anger and wiped her mouth several times before she walked out of the office in a huff.

After several people who had struggled to get up from the ground saw it, they unconsciously thought that Maynard was married and still entangled with Viola

A week later, Viola received a call from Stephanie. Whether she wanted to or not, Stephanie invited her to a cafe.

"I know you were wronged to let you go." Stephanie sighed and said earnestly, "But this is what Mr. Chu meant. We have to listen to him."

Viola nodded slowly with a bright smile on her face, "I understand that. I don't mean to blame you."

If she was fired and Maynard could release his anger, she didn't complain.