Can't stop loving you

Chapter 160 So What Should I Do

She looked up. It was Maynard.

"Maynard?" "Didn't you say you didn't want the baby?"

Maynard tore the paper of agreement into two pieces and threw it into the trash can. With a gloomy and complicated expression on his face, he said, "You must give birth to the baby, and that's my dad's order."

Reluctant as she was, Elly opened the door and left.

Viola's eyes were blurred, as if she had been absent-minded for nine days.

"Reporter Qi." Maynard waved his big hand in front of her and said, "You'd better give birth to the baby well, which will benefit you a lot. I'll deal with everything about your brother."

Coming to herself, she picked up a pillow and threw it at him. "Get out!"

Maynard moved aside and untied the top two buttons of his shirt. "Take care of yourself," he said

Her breath came in short gasps.

After he left, Jennifer walked in. After taking a look at the door, she closed the door and sat down beside her. "I've inquired about your brother. Since you're pregnant, nobody is suspicious about Ann for the time being."

Not only didn't Viola let out a sigh of relief, but she was on pins and needles. She picked up the phone on the table and dialed her stepmother's number. "Aunt Xu, can you call my brother back?"

"You stupid girl, why don't you follow your brother's order?" "He is the only able-bodied guy in our family!"

Said she firmly. Viola wished to smash her cellphone into a trash can.

"Anyway, no matter what happens, you must ensure the safety of my son." On the other end of the phone, the stepmother didn't give Viola the chance to talk and quickly hung up the phone.

There was a dull pain in her forehead. She involuntarily touched her lower abdomen with her left hand

In the evening, when Viola saw the door open from outside and Maynard come in, she asked him directly, "Where's my brother? What did you do to him? "

"It's not a big deal. I just frightened him." Maynard pulled a chair and sat down in front of her. With his calm eyes and in a plain tone, he said, "I think he won't talk nonsense."

A bad premonition arose in Viola's mind. She tried to ignore it. "Well, did my brother continue to say anything else?"