Can't stop loving you

Chapter 137 Viola's Skin Is Not Smooth

When Viola saw the two rows of tall and burly bodyguards at the door, she glanced at the dark night with worries, and sighed remorsefully.

Maynard didn't say anything more. He entered the door and walked into the room helplessly until it disappeared. Viola covered her face with her hand. Then she closed the door.

Maynard entered the room upstairs but didn't come out. Viola didn't want to stay at the same place with him, so she sat on the sofa and waved the remoter to look for the TV series she watched the other day.

"How could you two be finished so soon?" Bernard came down the stairs and smiled, "You're currently engaged. It's normal that you can't control your desire."

Viola almost fell down from the sofa as she could not help but twitch her lips. "Don't be so dirty, close your stinky mouth, thank you."

"Hey, don't say so. It's normal for you to have the appetite." Bernard sat next to her and gave her a knowing smile.

On the other side of the screen, "Long Live Queen", a piece of news came to her mind. On the screen, she pretended that she didn't know what was going on.

When Viola saw the end of the story, the empress, with the help of the doctor, gathered the martial artists and rushed into the already dirty imperial palace. She pulled down the horse, and the empress revealed the conspiracy and regained her identity.

However, everyone in the Imperial Palace was searching for the figures of the hero and decided to eliminate harm for the people. The queen came to peach blossom garden with a dagger, only to see that the hero was sitting under a peach tree and lost his breath

A letter from the love of the man left to the queen, in which the content of the letter was that they would never see each other again in the next life

With tears streaming down her face, she came forward, reached out her hand and touched his enchanting face. "What's wrong with you? If I had known that the empress fell in love with another man, I would have exploded the entire imperial palace."

"Wait! Why did they blow up?" A hint of coldness flashed across Bernard's eyes. "Can I kill them all?"

Viola was crying, regardless of her image. "Burn up the imperial palace. Not to mention anything else, just rebuilding the palace will cost her money."

"You are taking revenge." Maynard walked down, frowned, grabbed the shaker and changed to another table.

Viola stood up and took out her mobile phone, intending to issue a piece of poisonous chicken soup, scolding the queen angrily. As a result, she accidentally saw an advertisement of Bath Cream shooting on the stage in which Maynard had changed abruptly, and the spokesperson was Yesenia.