Can't stop loving you

Chapter 130 You Need Money, Don't You

Viola yawned as sleepiness was approaching.

"It's really yours." Maynard picked it up and turned it to the page about Viola.

She grabbed his hand and tried to calm herself down: "Come on, this is a good chance, this is not the time. Let's go to check in."

Maynard clasped her head and forced her to get close to her warm body. "Reporter Qi, why do you change your mind so soon?"

Viola muttered. Then he approached her and heard her say, "I need money."

Viola nodded. She grabbed the household register in both of her hands and fell asleep soon.

"Sizz." Maynard sneered, and a hint of boredom appeared in his eyes. "After all, you are a material girl," he said

"Oh no!"

When Viola woke up, she found that it was bright outside. She sneezed as she was lying on the cold floor.

She rubbed her head to relieve the dull pain from drinking last night and found the household register in her hand by accident. Then she raised her head and looked around with an unbelievable look.

She stood up as if she had just seen a ghost. The scene that she had pulled Victor to marry her in a very simple and crude way kept flashing through her mind. She was very annoyed, as if she wanted to bury a hole in the ground.