Can't stop loving you

Chapter 128 The Humiliation From Yesenia

When Viola woke up in the morning, she found that Ann had put a note on the fridge and said that he had gone to school.

On the table, there were two sandwiches and two cups of milk made by Ann. A warm current coursed through Viola's heart.

When she passed by the bathroom, she saw that the door of it was closed and her stepmother was talking in a faint voice. It seemed that she was talking to someone on the phone.

She tiptoed, leaned against the door and listened carefully——

"Mr. Huang, after this is done, you have to promise me to pay off with the bride price. You promised me that you would let my son go, you can't go back on your word." Her stepmother smiled apologetically and her voice was very low. She seemed to have heard some good news and was even more humble. "Okay, okay, I will surely do it well for you."

Hearing this, a bad idea came to mind.

She waited at the door. When her stepmother opened it and saw her, she staggered back a few steps, looking frightened. "What are you doing here! It's so scary! "

Her stepmother complained as she patted her chest.

Hands folded over her chest, Viola looked her up and down. After nearly infuriated by her rude manner, she came straight to the point, "I heard everything you said on the phone. What did that bastard, Harrison Shen do?"

Harrison Shen, her brother with a different father and a different mother.

Her stepmother's eyes turned red, and she seemed to have been told what was on her mind. She was so discouraged as if she had been drained of all her strength. She walked to the sofa and sat down, choking with sobs, "You don't know that your brother has been gambling very much in the past year, and he has borrowed a lot of usury from others. Now THEY came to us and forced us to pay back."

Startled, she turned her back almost out of anger, "How much does he owe?"

"He didn't owe much in the beginning. But now he have owed more than six million, as interests are rolling." Stepmother pounded her thigh and showed her grief stricken face.