Can't stop loving you

Chapter 125 Are You Really Going To Get Married

"Julie, send her a check for 30000," Maynard sneered.

Julie quickly responded, took out a check, wrote the corresponding number, and handed it to Viola.

After taking over the check, she threw it at chauffeur angrily without even taking a look at it. "Do you think that you can buy me off with such little money?"

"Do you want more?" Julie said, after taking a careful look at the expressionless Maynard.

Viola secretly rubbed her teeth, showing a painful expression on her face. "That's too much. Three million is enough."

It took a lot of courage for her to throw him.

"Ahem!" Bernard coughed violently.

"It seems that your dignity doesn't worth anything." Maynard's eyes were as dark as clouds, and his anger could scare people away.

It was until then that she realized what she had done.

While raising her hand to wipe the cold sweat from her forehead, she tried to make up for her mistake. "Er, listen to me She then burst into tears

But before she could finish her words, her mouth was covered by a warm hand.

"Before the Bureau of Civil Affairs closes, let's go to get the marriage license first." Maynard wrapped his arms around her slender waist, while not the least warmth in his eyes.

"Wait!" Bernard stopped her. "Out of kindness," he said, "before you get married, you have to make a proposal first."


She was still in a trance.

"It makes sense. I'm sorry." Maynard nodded calmly, and his hand, which was about to embrace Viola in his arms, never left her.

"Then I'll go and buy you a ring." Julie hurriedly added, "I will choose the most expensive and beautiful one for Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu."

A shudder shook her whole body, and she exerted all her strength to struggle. Finally Maynard loosened her. In a panic, she said, "No, I don't want it!"

Marry Maynard?

She refused him in her heart!