Can't stop loving you

Chapter 120 Unreliable Bernard

Viola could do nothing but to pat the dust off her clothes and stood up. The door was closed in front of them.

In resentment, she knocked at the door and said, "Maynard, you bastard!"

"Stop it." With displeasure on his face, Chol said, "If you hadn't gone crazy, nothing would have happened."

Viola pointed at herself in disbelief. "Are you blaming me?"

"It's all your fault." Chol and Bernard coincidentally spoke in unison.

All of a sudden, Viola cheered up like a piece of eggplant.

Looking up at the dark sky and the bright lights, she changed her expression. "Whatever. I'm going home. Take care of yourselves."

"Viola, what about me?" Bernard stopped her. "I don't have parents. Just Maynard, a money spinner, has driven me out. Where do I live?"

"Yes. It's all my fault."

"How about I spend one night with you?" Bernard suggested with a smile.

Viola smiled sheepishly and said, "My house is too small. I'm afraid you can't live there. "

Even if she didn't worry that Bernard would recognize Ann, her son would kick him out just because he dressed like a woman.

"What are you going to do?" Chol said with sarcasm.

Viola glared at him. "Let's find a house and figure out a way to solve it, all right?"

"No problem." Bernard said with a bright smile.

Viola went to a mobile phone store and bought a cell phone. Then, she wandered on the street with Chol and Bernard, and her stomach kept rumbling. She bought six sets of chicken wings at a barbecue stand on the roadside.

And then they handed each other two chicken wings. When they were put into each other's hands, a slight frown emerged on Viola's face. "Bernard, which room do you want to stay except hotel?"

God knew, they picked a few places just now, but all of them were rejected by him.

"Those are all cold and indifferent. I will fall asleep without any warmth." Bernard said bitterly.

Her heart softened.