Can't stop loving you

Chapter 115 Maynard Expressed His Gratitude

The word "Daddy" caught everyone's attention. They were stunned.

"Little girl, what did you just call Maynard?" Hearing what she said, Yesenia froze for a moment with an unbelievable look on her face.

"Daddy, what's wrong?" The little girl wiped her tears and rolled her eyes at him unhappily.

Seeing the serious expression on Maynard's face, Benson didn't deny it. He was surprised. Then he turned to Viola, who was busy working, and asked, "Miss Qi, what's going on?"

Viola cleared her throat and chuckled, "I don't know either."

In this case, pretending to know nothing was the best way to protect herself.

While speaking, a touch of gloom flashed across Yesenia's face.

"Daddy, I want to pee." The little girl tugged at Maynard's sleeve.

Maynard winked at Viola.

Viola squatted down helplessly and rubbed her little head, "I'll take you to see your daddy later."

The little girl hesitated for a while and nodded.

After using the toilet, she came out with the little girl and saw Yesenia standing in the corridor. It seemed that A long while later.

When they were about to pass by each other, a snow-white arm stopped them.

Viola stopped her step and had a bad feeling. She smiled apologetically, "Miss Lu, are you also here to go to the bathroom? What a coincidence! "

"Tell me, who is her mother?" With her eyes fixed on the little girl, with her arms crossed in front of her chest, Yesenia said in a tone dripping with jealousy.

Standing in front of the little girl, Viola covered her mouth with her hand and smiled, "Are you kidding me? Aren't you Mr. Chu's girlfriend? Why didn't you know that he has a child? "

"You look clearer than me." With Yesenia's face darkened, she put her fingernails into her palms and gritted her teeth, "I can't believe that you know he has a child."

Hearing the woman's words, Viola immediately realized that she had leaked out the information she shouldn't have. She was very angry.

She explained weakly, "I just found it accidentally."

With a sneer, Yesenia suddenly bent down and took the little girl's hand in front of him. "She is an illegitimate daughter. Who is your mother?"