Can't stop loving you

Chapter 113 Being Fooled

Maynard said gently. It was an exception.

Viola didn't doubt his words and opened her mouth immediately.

However, as soon as she opened her mouth, Maynard cut a piece of cake and put it into her mouth.

His mouth was full of cream and chocolate flavor, with his cheeks bulging.

Even if she was stupid, she knew she had been cheated.

She swallowed the cake in her mouth with difficulty. She noticed that there was only a fork in the plate. Maynard had used the fork. And then she

Viola covered her mouth. She felt upset and upset. Was this an indirect kiss?

She stopped thinking about that all of a sudden. She raised her hand to give a needlework to Maynard's face.

But before they could land on the ground, they were stopped.

"Reporter Qi, don't be so violent in front of the children. Be careful of the impact." Maynard clutched her wrist and reminded her with a false smile.

Considering the presence of the little girl, Viola got rid of his hand and said, "You wretch!"


Maynard raised his thick eyebrows, raised his hand and wiped the cream off the corner of her mouth. With a fixed gaze at her, he then stuck out his tongue and licked his fingers.

His flirtatious move and evil look made her blush and her heart beat fast. She almost attempted to throw herself at him.

However, she turned to look at the little girl worriedly when she thought that her husband might do something bad to the baby.

As a result, he found the little girl was sleeping on the sofa, probably because she had been crying for a long time.


"Call me Mr. Chu." Maynard put down the plate. With his legs crossed casually, his narrow and long Phoenix eyes raised slowly.