Can't stop loving you

Chapter 112 The Child Can't Be Disobedient

Covering her face with her hand in silence, a little bit embarrassed, she said, "Mr. Chu, it seems that I've wronged you."

Maynard sneered coldly. The low pressure around him increased instead.

Viola simply picked up the tissue on the table and wiped the tears off the cute girl. "Does it still hurt? Why are you teasing the dog? "

"…… Someone is riding a cartoon and it is very cool. I want to see a dog. " The little girl covered the gap between her teeth with her hand, and finally, Viola knew what she was talking about.

After a short pause, Viola said, "Mr. Chu, is that so?"

"She's a masochist like you. Do you think she cannot do it?" Maynard pressed the acupoints near his temple with a splitting headache.

The little girl was like a sensitive animal, hiding behind Viola.

With the corner of her mouth twitching, Anna advised in a more euphemistic way, "Mr. Chu, we should teach her well. What if she has a gold Python around her neck some day?"

Maynard pushed the chair away, walked around the large desk and sat down next to her. Then he dragged the little girl into his arms and put her on his lap.

"You should try something sweet or sour these days," Maynard pinched the little girl's nose disappointedly.

"No! Please don't!" The little girl shook her head, her eyes filling with tears, and protested, "No way!"

"Objection overruled!" Maynard retorted coldly while shooting a cold glance at her.

The little girl cried out, out of breath.

Viola cleared her throat and changed the topic of conversation stiffly. "Mr. Chu, does Miss Xia know about this?"

"Mommy, I want mommy. Daddy is annoying. Hiccup..." The little girl cried even louder as she struggled in her father's arms.

"Elly took her to the hospital. As soon as she got angry, she left the baby to me. Coincidentally, she had something to deal with in her company, so she asked me to take care of her for a few days."

Maynard, as though facing a formidable enemy, looked at the little girl, who was crying her nose and tears. Blue veins stood out on his temples.

Viola prayed for him silently in her heart, and her face was full of a flattering smile. "Mr. Chu, trust yourself, you can do it."

Maynard put her down and took a cold glance at her. "I'll leave her to you from today on," he said