Can't stop loving you

Chapter 111 What Did You Do To The Child

When Zarian calmed down, Viola hailed a taxi for him and said, "Don't be upset. If you get married in a lie, you will be more miserable."

"I see. Thank you, Viola." Zarian caressed her hair and got into the taxi.

After seeing him leave, Viola heaved a long sigh.

Her mobile phone rang before she could think of a way to deal with Maynard.

She took it out and saw that the caller was Julie. After hesitating for a while, she pressed the answer key. "Miss Julie, what's up?"

"Viola, come to Chu Group now, or you'll regret in the future." Julie said anxiously on the phone.

Viola smiled bitterly. "I'm sorry. I have something very important to do. Maybe..."

She would be afraid of Maynard if she had a fight with him?

"Oh, what should we do now?" On the other side of the phone, Julie lowered her voice and said, "Miss Qi, you know what? Mr. Chu just asked the bodyguard to bring a five-year-old boy to the Chu Group."

Viola was shocked and was about to hang up. She stopped and asked: "Wait, are you talking about a child about five years old?"

"Yes, that boy cried for Mommy. He is so pitiful. I hope Miss Qi can persuade Mr. Chu not to be so cruel." Julie's heart ached.

Gosh! She believed that Maynard must have found out something and had kidnapped her son!

It was like being hit by a thunderbolt. When she came to herself at the first time, she didn't have time to call a taxi, heading to the Chu Group.

She rushed to Maynard's office as soon as she got off a taxi. Without knocking at the door, she broke in directly.

She saw Maynard sitting in front of the desk, with an air of uneasiness all over his body. His sculptural facial features were like being covered with a layer of ice, which looked daunting.