Can't stop loving you

Chapter 101 A Checkup Or Throwing Herself On Him

Someone at the scene quickly reacted and called an ambulance. It was the first time that she had seen a person who could bleed so much, she was scared after she had been taken to the hospital.

Being absent-minded, Viola went back to the lounge with Maynard and was about to sit down——

"It's not you who caused her fall. Why do you look like a ghost?"

Maynard sneered, as if he was not used to seeing her half dead.

"What's wrong? I am not scared at all? Do you want to quarrel with me? "

"I don't have time." Hearing that, Jay opened his thin lips slightly and sat down all of a sudden. An imperceptible smile flashed across his eyes.

Then she was handcuffed to the room and forced to sit down.

She rubbed her aching wrist for this reason. Thinking of the handcuffs on her hands, she almost bit her white teeth and said, "Hey, can you try to open it?"

Would she be crazy to be with him around the clock?

"Why do you speak in such a tone? Is it your way of asking for help?" Maynard crossed his legs, while his eyes suddenly became sharp.

With a gleam in her eyes, a bright smile played on her face, Viola said, "Mr. Chu, please. I'm begging you."

Being satisfied, he called a bodyguard and asked him to return the spare key to them at once.

Said Viola, rolling her eyes.

When she caught a glimpse of his back which looked a little dark, she decided not to be mad at him for what he had done to her at the wedding.

She covered her mouth with her hand and gave a slight cough. Then in a serious tone, she said, "Mr. Chu can you turn around and let me have an examination?"

"Check up?" It was as if it was the first time that he had heard the word. Taking a slight glance at her, he said, "Okay."

He suddenly stood up. Because of the suddenly pull of the handcuffs, she was forced to get up again and crashed into the arms of the other side.

A light smell of tobacco wafted in his body. She put her forehead against her strong chest and heard his steady and powerful heartbeats. His body temperature was just warm, but when she heard his heart beating, she felt as if it was going to burn.

"Reporter Qi, you seem to be throwing yourself at me." With one of his hands around her waist, Maynard said in an indifferent tone as if he was telling a truth.

Coming back to earth, Viola felt a little embarrassed, "Can't you stop being so narcissistic?"

She pulled down her hand around her waist and was about to take off Maynard's clothes to examine him. However, she held the first button in her hand and hadn't unfastened it yet.

She felt dizzy and was pressed back to the sofa by Maynard.

"Reporter Qi, you'd better behave yourself." Maynard put his head close to her neck and said in a low and magnetic voice.