Can't stop loving you

Chapter 92 Being Sold Out Thoroughly

The little girl was quite mesmerized by the man's attraction, and she unconsciously shook everything away. "No, it's not true. Mommy said she would go downstairs to save a sick woman, and I want to see her, so I sneaked downstairs."

Elly looked away decisively.

At that moment, there were only two words in Viola's mind, "I'm doomed!"

Maynard cast a sharp glance at her.

A smile went up to her face. She pointed at him and said innocently, "Mr. Chu, please don't get me wrong. I just want to have a walk around here."

Victor said as he raised his hand. Then more than a dozen bodyguards came to surround them. It was not until then that Maynard said flatly, "Come to the villa and have a seat."

Her hands were caught by bodyguards, and she did not want to cooperate at all. She shouted loudly, "Lecher!"

However, it didn't work. The bodyguards covered their mouths with their hands and dragged her away as fast as they could.

Viola shook the rope from her hand, feeling reluctant.

Since she had just been arrested, she squatted down by the handrails tied at the foot of the stairs and looked at the scene of the strong contrast between her and it, making her extremely uncomfortable.

On the opposite side of her sat a sofa, on which Maynard and Elly were sitting, and a little girl was sitting between them, and one of them was watching a bear come out. The atmosphere was quite harmonious.

Viola, on the other hand, had just witnessed the warm scene of Maynard and Elly getting along with each other for the first time, with mixed feelings.

Thinking of that her son had never seen his father, and that was why he was so sharp tongued, she felt something wrong when she looked at Maynard.

The little girl, who had noticed her mother's sight, tilted her head and innocently asked Maynard, "Daddy, do you know that aunt?"

Hearing Maynard's corrected words, the little girl had known how to call Viola.

Without raising his head, Maynard said in an indifferent tone, "I don't know her."

The little girl was puzzled and continued to ask, "Then why did you tie up Auntie?