Can't stop loving you

Chapter 90 What's The Truth

She was thrown on the sofa the moment she returned to the villa by Maynard. Looking at the shining light of the cubic crystal chandelier overhead, she felt very uncomfortable.

Fortunately, she changed back to original clothes before leaving, not wearing that shameless maid's dress.

She tried her best to hide herself from the man in front of her. In a defensive tone, she asked, "Maynard, what are you doing?"

Maynard untied his tie and took off the tailor-made Armani suit, and throw it onto the sofa behind him neatly.

When he heard her, he walked up to her and raised his eyebrows. "Aren't you pregnant? You need to stay in the villa for recuperation. When you give birth to a baby in ten months, I will let you go. "


She couldn't sit still for a while and fell off the sofa.

She covered her hurt butt and glared at him. "That's just a lie I made up. Do you have to take it seriously?"

Maynard bent down and covered her petite body with his tall body.

They were very close to each other. Viola seemed to be able to smell the smoke of tobacco from him every time she breathed, and her heart beat faster inexplicably

With his hands on the back of the sofa between his legs, Maynard didn't take what she had said seriously. He said, "Reporter Qi, you'd better do what you have said."

He lowered his head a little and almost kissed her.

Viola dodged to the side in a panic. She stepped back and sat on the sofa. Her heart was broken. "In fact, we should sit down and have a talk calmly."

Brood eggs is not necessarily able to hatch, let alone ten months of pregnancy.

With a worried look on her face, Viola was guarded by bodyguards outside. It was more difficult for her to escape than going to the heaven.

Maynard seemed to see that she was worried about him. He bent over and pressed her on the sofa. With an evil and attractive smile, he said, "Nothing to talk about. However, I can do everything by myself until you are really pregnant."