Can't stop loving you

Chapter 75 Sleepwalk

She clenched the fork and finished the meal, resisting the urge to lift the table.

She pushed the chair away and stood up. "Mr. Chu, if there isn't anything else, I'll go back first," she said

She checked the time on her phone. It was 10 p.m.

Maynard shook the red wine in the glass with a casual expression on his face, ignoring what she said.

She gnashed her teeth in anger.

"Damn it. It's late. I should go home now." Hearing her words, Yesenia pursed her lips with a piece of cloth in her hand, with a thoughtful light flashing in her eyes.

"It's not safe for you to go back alone. Stay here tonight."

Maynard narrowed his eyes and took a sip of the wine.

What a simple sentence.

"Will it be inappropriate?" Hearing his words, Yesenia felt a little surprised and flattered. Then she glanced at him shyly.

"That's it." Maynard drank up the red wine in his glass and made the final decision.

He bit his lower lip and nodded his head slightly.

When Viola saw the elegant Yesenia turned into a shy girl and looked at Maynard in horror, she wanted to ask him what he had done.

She bit the bullet and coughed. When they paid their attention to her, she smiled and said, "Mr. Chu, if you don't have anything else Can I leave now? "

She pointed to the front door.

They were deeply in love tonight. What was wrong with her?

"It's fate. How about letting Miss Qi stay here for one night as well?" Hearing her voice, a smile came to her face. Then she looked at Maynard.

Her body froze and it took her a long time to come back to her senses.

Maynard's cold sight fell on her, without any emotion being discerned. His voice was cold, and his handsome appearance was expressionless. "There's no need for that," he said

When she heard his words, Viola was so angry that she almost fainted.

Viola had been annoyed, and at this moment, she blurted out, "Thank you for your kindness, Miss Lu. But I won't let you down. Well, then I'll stay overnight."