Can't stop loving you

Chapter 74 Don't Flatter Yourself

The corners of Viola's mouth twitched. She had just called him, and now he was on the phone with someone else?

Looking up at the clock on the wall, she found that it was eight.

Meanwhile, she was trying to call and refuse him.

Maynard called her again. She answered, "Mr. Chu, I'm busy."

"I have sent you objects to buy. Please take them to me."

Looking at the phone that was hung up again, she wanted to cry but had no tears.

"Ding Dong!"

Her phone rang for new messages.

A few minutes later, Viola received a message and went into the room. She found that the room was filled with a lot of food materials. It was Maynard who sent the message.

She could not accept such a clear cut cut answer.

In the end, she gave in and lowered her head in front of the evil power of Maynard.

She took the groceries she bought in a hurry and rang the doorbell of the villa.

"Come in." He opened the door and turned around to walk in.

Viola entered the villa, put the things on the table, and shook her sore right hand.

She had a micro facelift, and saw Maynard watching TV in his room.

How couldn't she ask a servant for help if she was hungry?

"Mr. Chu, can you do that?" Viola grabbed the remoter from his hand. "You've been thinking of strangling me this morning. Aren't you afraid that I'll throw poison into the kitchen if you want me to cook now?"

"Do you dare?" Maynard cast a cold glance at her.

Viola nodded, "Just let the servant do this."

Maynard sat upright and loosened the buttons of his two shirts. "If I let the servants do it, you'll spend the rest two months in vain," he said casually