Can't stop loving you

Chapter 71 Drunken Madness

"Hoo, hoo, Hoo..."

Viola rushed to the airport, passing through the crowd of passengers who had just got off the plane. She stood there, gasping for breath, her heart pounding rapidly.

After she felt less pain in her chest, she looked around for the figure of Maynard.

She wiped the sweat on her forehead and said, "It's so tiring to call me in the early morning and ask me to pick you up."

She didn't see Maynard and wanted to check the time on her cell phone to see if she had arrived too late. Just when she was about to check whether it was late, she saw Maynard walking out in a dark suit and looking down at his watch from time to time. Behind him, there was a bodyguard who carried a white luggage.

When Viola was about to call out, Yesenia came out from the bedroom, wearing a beige dress and light clothes.

Her faint voice was stuck in her throat.

Hearing what Yesenia had said, Maynard turned around to look at her. In an instant, with a smile covering his face, Yesenia walked forward to walk together with him, while behind her, the female agent carried the luggage.

Viola always had a good eyesight. She saw his luggage was the same as that of Yesenia, which was carved with a hibiscus flower on it.

Watching them leaving, she was depressed for two seconds.

Depressed, she patted her face and went to a magazine after they left.

Playing with a guiding pen, Viola looked gloomy. "Chief, shall I agree to his conditions or not?"

Without a second thought, Stephanie said bluntly, "Say yes."

Coming back to her senses, she continued, "Chief, why not give it a try?"

"It's you, not me." Without hesitation, Stephanie got rid of her. With a threatening and murderous look in her eyes, she asked, "But, do you dare?"

Chief's words were like a sword stabbing into her heart. She shook her head and denied.

"That's good." The coldness on Stephanie's face softened a little. The next second, she put the plate on the table and said, "You're in charge of Chol, and Mul responsible for Ivy and Zarian. If anything happens to me again, you'd better go home and eat yourself!"

With a shudder in her body, she pictured the scene in which she ate herself, feeling creepy.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead and went to find Chol with the card given by him.