Can't stop loving you

Chapter 51 A New Interview

When Viola came back home, she turned on the light.

As she entered the room, she saw a small lamp shimmering with a pale white light on the table by the bedside. Ann, covered in a quilt, was sleeping soundly on the bed.

Looking at Ann's sweet face after he fell asleep, she sat beside him, lifted the quilt over his belly and pulled it up a little.

Resting her chin on one of her hands, Viola couldn't help but think of the man she ran into tonight. It was inevitable that she had changed from the happiest woman in the world to the most tragic woman five years ago. A bitter smile was shown on her face. Her mood was in a low valley now.

Tears welled up in her eyes and were about to fall.

Turning to look at the sleeping face of Ann, and the company and living with him over the years, she hurried to hold back her tears.

Viola walked to the window and looked out at the darkness. She repeated in a low voice, "You can't collapse, for Ann, you should look forward to 'money'?"

And Viola's long eyelashes trembled slightly.

The most important thing for her right now was getting rid of Maynard. She could not let him discover her secret and disturb her life.

The next morning, Viola received a phone call from Stephanie again. She went to the periodical office unwillingly.

Looking down at the bandaged wound on her left index finger, Viola asked, "chief, what do you want me to do?" If everything went well, she had planned to go to the hospital to take care of Maynard, the troublemaker, even though she was also unwilling to do so.

"What do you think?" Stephanie adjusted her glasses.

Hearing what jade had said, Viola's heart jolted. She apologized and took the initiative to admit her mistake, "Chief, I'm sorry. I've been wrong. I won't get a chance to interview Yesenia, but I'll try my best to make it happen."

"You haven't made it?" Stephanie stood up from the table.

Hearing the sound from the table, Viola nodded her head.

"Forget it." Thinking of something, Stephanie took a deep breath and calmed herself down.

What do you mean? "