Can't stop loving you

Chapter 49 Running Away

Hearing that, Elly, who had been standing by the side of Maynard, burst into laughter. "Miss Qi, you're so humorous," she said.

A naughty smile broke across her face. She was incomparably calm and said, "It doesn't matter whether you're joking or not. What's more, Mr. Chu, I have something to have you listen to."

Maynard raised his eyebrows with great interest.

Turning on the recording function of her cell phone, Elly spoke out what she had said——

"Viola, I have a lesson by locking you in the bathroom today. If you are smart enough, don't expose who made the bone soup today."

Elly threatened her viciously.

"What You... " She couldn't believe what she just heard. Without a second thought, she reached out her hand to grab the phone from Viola's hand.

Getting rid of the grip of the two more relaxed bodyguards, she took the cellphone from behind her, leaned against the wall and dodged the outstretched hand of the other party. "Mr. Chu, now we have known the truth. You can get justice for me. If you worry that it is false, it doesn't matter. We can hire someone to check it."

She looked calm and relaxed. Apparently, she was well prepared.

The smile on her face froze thoroughly. Elly could not say a word Maynard, please Don't trust her. "

"Elly, you don't have to come here recently." Maynard squinted his eyes and said, "You drive Miss Xia back to the villa."

Then she saw with her own eyes how she was invited out by the Maynard's bodyguard.

Viola clenched her fists and succeeded in drawing the balance. "Nice job, Reporter Qi. You're not stupid at all." Maynard praised, with his legs crossed.

Viola ignored his mockery.

Maynard wore a wide blue hospital gown, but the effect of tailor-made for him was obvious. His tall, slender figure, wide shoulders and narrow hips were still visible.

When he walked up to Viola, he looked at the indicator of his watch calmly and reminded, "Viola, it's time to buy some fruit."