Can't stop loving you

Chapter 47 Finding Out The Hacker

Viola was in a bad mood.

"Doctor! Doctor! The people in No. 9 ward woke up! " Hearing the noise, Julie ran into the room. Seeing that Maynard had woken up, she ran out excitedly to call the doctor for examination.

After a few checks, the male doctor in his white coat looked at Viola and Julie and said, "It's very lucky for the patient to wake up. It seems that nothing dangerous has happened except a slight concussion, but we still suggest staying in the hospital for a few days for observation."

"Okay, thank you, doctor." Julie saw the doctor out.

Under Maynard's sharp and unfathomable gaze, Viola, sitting at a corner of the wall uneasily, tried her best to reduce her sense of presence.

Now that her real intention was exposed, she felt that she could no longer meet Maynard's eyes.

Julie walked in with her hands on her lower abdomen. With a big smile on her face, she said, "Mr. Chu, it's very nice of you to wake up."

"How's the company going?" Maynard open his mouth. Because he had just woken up, his magnetic voice was a little hoarse.

"President Chu, the defense system of our company was attacked by a hacker while you were in a coma. Although the top management of our company dealt with it in full charge, it took us a lot of effort," Julie told him honestly.

With an expressionless face and sharp eyes, Maynard said, "Look for him! Ask them to dig him out at all costs!"

"Yes, I'll tell them now." Julie carried her bag and pushed the door out.

"Mr. Chu, I'm leaving too," And pointed to the door.

Maynard fell silent.

Seeing this, Viola took it for granted that he had acquiesced in it. Thus, she followed the servants out of the room, trying to get a chance.

However, she didn't expect that she was stopped by two bodyguards in black as soon as she stepped out of the door.

"Reporter, you seem to be in a hurry." She didn't know when Maynard stood behind the window with his back to her.

"No, I'm not in a hurry." With unwillingness, Viola turned around and walked back. She pretended to be in a daze and said, "Mr. Chu, why are you so careless? I heard that you had a car accident and was very worried about you. I was afraid that you might get into trouble. "

As soon as she said this, she heard a sneer.