Can't stop loving you

Chapter 44 Be Framed

"Dear, do you think so?" A cold smile played on Maynard's face.

Viola shook her head like a wave drum. She shook her head quickly and said, "Mr. Chu, I'm not good at jumping. You and Miss Lu can jump."

At that moment, a small wish came to her mind. Hearing that, she could not help but tremble. Gritting her teeth and swearing, she hoped that Maynard would not hurt her.

Maynard touched her forehead and said with a soft and pampering smile, but in an intimate and intimate tone, "Silly girl, what are you saying? I can teach you how to dance."

Viola was speechless

As a mother, she was too shy to hear him refer to the word "silly girl".

How dare she.

She trembled, giving more and more goose bumps. She pretended to be calm, but her face was full of an alienated smile. "Mr. Chu, you're flattering me," she said.

As if she hadn't heard what she said, Maynard said in an indifferent tone, "Miss Lu, I'm sorry that I can't dance with you. I'm afraid that my girlfriend will be jealous."

Viola stared blankly. She had never seen such a shameless person who had lied more than saying lover's honeyed words.

After a while, she let go of her hand which was clenched into a fist and turned back politely, "It doesn't matter. I can understand you."

"Miss Lu, may I have the honor to dance with you?"

A man in a silver suit asked.

"It's my honor." After that, they left together.

Yesenia glanced at her meaningfully. Viola was startled and thought it might be some sort of trouble. She didn't expect that he would accept another man's invitation and walk away.

When the elegant and melodious music rang in the hall, she had to endure not only the hurt from Maynard's hand around her waist, but also the interaction between her and Maynard's.

As the men and women around them danced with the music, a eyeball with distinct features of black and white rolled in Viola's eyes.

She pretended to be clumsy, but in fact, she was in the mood of revenge. She kept on stepping on the back of Maynard's cracked feet with her sharp high heels.