Can't stop loving you

Chapter 42 Mr. Chu's Girlfriend

Three days later, Viola arrived at the gate of the famous seagee hotel at five o'clock in the afternoon. She saw people coming in and out of the hotel dressed decently, and took a look at the note in her hand.

After she made sure that the address of the party was here, she clenched her fist and cheered herself up in a low voice, "success or failure is in this moment, Viola, come on!"

She took a deep breath and was about to walk into the villa after five steps.

Two uniformed security guards who guarded the door confirmed that a guest's invitation was invited, they blocked her all of a sudden.

Viola stopped, she looked calm but in panic, she grabbed the back of her bag, "What's wrong?"

"Excuse me, miss. Please show me your invitation." Said a tall and strong security guard on the left.

Trying to hide her panic, she calmed down and rummaged through her bag for a while. After a while, she turned pale and said: "I can't find my invitation anymore. Could you please let me in first?"

"Sorry, I can't go with you now. We have enough time. Miss, think about where it may be left, and find it back." The strapping security guards still tried to defend it, and apparently, they wouldn't be touched.

There was sweat in her palm. She deliberately pulled a long face and said, "What do you mean! Are you suspecting me of not bringing it on purpose? "

"No, I haven't. But I've seen a lot of people like you. We don't suspect that you brought it with you, but you haven't." The skinny bodyguard on the right mercilessly exposed her.

Two bodyguards sized her up.

Her face was smeared with inferior cream. In a hurry, she only wore a pearl dress which was out of cheap goods. Although she was young and good-looking, she looked pretty and charming. In addition, her inner temperament, her clothing and demeanor and the way she looked now were totally different from the rich people they had ever seen.

And because of the fact that she was not able to show the invitation, their initial contempt turned into doubt.

Seeing that they had seen through the truth, Viola could not help but feel a little timid.

Now that she was here, what a shame.

Glancing at her fingernails, she straightened her back and asked, "Do you know who I am?"