Can't stop loving you

Chapter 40 Snatching The Invitation

"Of course it's pen. It's an ordinary pen."

The little woman in her heart was biting the handkerchief in fury. The voice recorder she had hidden had been found by Maynard, so it could only be said to be an ordinary pen if she was beaten to death.

"Really?" Maynard snorted. She did not know what he meant.

Viola nodded her head firmly as she would never admit that it was the recorder.

As if responding to her, Maynard raised his hand and threw the recorder pen into the trash can.

Viola had been staring at his hand all the time. Seeing that the pen was difficult, she stood up and ran to pick up the recorder pen.

Just then, Maynard's voice came through from behind.

"Why are you so nervous? It's just an ordinary pen."

With these thoughts in her mind, Viola withdrew her step and looked at him in a mechanical manner, as if she was carrying a thread puppet. "Mr. Chu, I'm not nervous at all. I like the color of the pen very much. It's a pity to throw it away."

"I will pay your pen. You are so nervous. It's better to exam the pen"

Maynard took his cellphone out of his pocket and was about to dial a number.

Noticing that the situation was unfavorable for her, Viola strode over to grab his hand to prevent him from his next step.

"What's wrong?" Maynard leaned on the sofa and a few strands of hair fell on his forehead, covering the teasing light in his eyes.

Realizing that she was over excited, Viola immediately put on a flattering smile and said, "Mr. Chu, there's no need to call for people to check. I just don't think it's appropriate to throw things around. I don't mean anything else."

Though she said so, her hands were still holding his from beginning to end.

He must have done it on purpose. He didn't check her body carefully, but now he was doing it again. She had no choice but to take the risk to fool him.