Can't stop loving you

Chapter 39 Deceiving

"I want coffee. Look what you have poured for me!" He knocked on the table.

Following his sight, she found that the cup was empty.

"No way! I didn't fall down!" She covered her mouth in disbelief.

She was trembling with fear when she noticed Maynard. He was emanating a freezing aura.

"And this document must be handled by you." With a crack, Maynard threw a file in front of her. With a gloomy face, he said slowly, "I put all the documents in the wrong order!"

Viola turned a few pages, her face pale. She felt so ashamed.

"Mr. Chu, I'm going to put them on order."

"Well, you should go out to reflect on yourself,"

Before she could finish her sentence, Maynard chipped in.

She gulped the rest of the words.

As soon as she left the house, her exclusive phone rang.

Before long, Viola came to the chief editor's office of the starry magazine.

"How are you doing, Viola?" Stephanie smiled when she closed the door.

Every time Viola saw the chief editor's smile, she had a bad feeling. This time was no exception.

She chuckled and tightened the back of her bag, "Thanks, I am fine."