Can't stop loving you

Chapter 37 Too Calm

Viola rolled her eyes. Indeed, he had lived a peaceful life, and how could he take her feelings into consideration?

'As expected, he and Elly were the same kind of people. I will cause some trouble for them, ' she thought.

Like a crab, she moved towards Maynard and sat down next to him. With concern on her bright and clean face, she said, "Mr. Chu, you can't be too busy with your work. It's not good for you to ignore Miss Xia."

"What's wrong with her?" Maynard raised his thick and sharp eyebrows and said in a neither hurry nor slow tone.

She secretly pinched her thigh to make herself look more pitiful and sympathetic. Then she continued, "Today, I saw Miss Xia make out with a gang leader in a bar. They kissed affectionately. I thought they were so immoral to do such a thing behind you, so I photographed them with my own hands."

She unlocked her cell phone, clicked on the photo and handed it to him. Her face was full of resentment and irritation.

Immersed in her own performance, she didn't notice that Maynard took a glance at her, and was as calm as dead water.

"Your phone quality is poor. It's time to change it." Maynard threw the mobile phone back to her, full of disgust in his eyes.

The corners of Viola's mouth twitched. She was not satisfied with the reaction of Maynard at all. Carefully, she asked, "Mr. Chu, is there anything else you want to say?"

He was so calm!

Normally, when his woman was so close to another man, he would be jealous and furious and give her a good dressing down?

"Reporter, next time, don't show me such a boring thing again." A hint of sharpness flashed across Maynard's eyes when he saw the unwillingness on her face.

She held her cell phone so tightly that her hands turned white, as if she had a guilty conscience. "Mr. Chu, you can't let them get away with it. It's not your style of being domineering."

Maynard acted as if he hadn't heard what she had said at all. He walked to her, stretched out his left hand in front of her and wrapped it around the back of her neck.

She stumbled and fell on him. Just as she was about to struggle, she was pushed to the wall the next second. Her head hit the cold and hard wall, which made her little face twisted in pain.

Maynard bent over her ear. His magnetic voice turned a little hoarse because of his deliberate lowered voice. "Have you played enough?"