Can't stop loving you

Chapter 33 How About We Go Together

As soon as she began to move, a wave of dizziness swept over her. When she came back to her senses, she was already pinned down on the floor.

Before she could react, her hands were forced to open. His big hands were clasped around her fingers in a horizontally posture.

"Reporter, I think I have to tell you something." Maynard kissed her face, and his eyes were as cold as ice. "If anything happens to me because of you, you might have to die with me."

They were affectionate, but there was no emotion in their eyes.

At the thought of this, Viola wanted to wipe her face with her hands. But her hands were pressed down. She could only snort coldly, "I won't do anything to you. Let go of me."

It's not funny at all. All the efforts she had made just now were in vain. What was worse, she had scared her heart.

She cursed in her mind.

Viola withdrew her sight silently and chuckled dryly. "Mr. Chu, I seemed to have told a joke. Alas. Why am I so stupid?"

She pretended to knock on her head and grumbled in a sad tone.

"You know it, don't you? It's a little late." Maynard sneered and got off her body.

A smile appeared on her face.

She pretended to be fine, but in fact, in her heart, there was a little man who was pricking a small doll exactly the same as Maynard.


Then there was another round of groan in her stomach.

As a result, Viola went on to struggle and said, "Mr. Chu, could you please move your hands and make a phone call No, no, No. are you calling your bodyguards to open the door?"

It was not easy to change the "lackey" into a bodyguard, so she wiped the sweat on her forehead with relief.

"That's right." Maynard cracked his thin lips and said, "Considering that it doesn't cost me too much, I'll have a try."

Viola was so ecstatic that she didn't bother to care about his usual arrogant attitude. She hurriedly replied, "OK, OK."