Can't stop loving you

Chapter 31 Childlike Girl

Almost immediately, she covered her little face with her hands in silence, trying to minimize her sense of existence.

At the same time, the switched light was on the man behind her. All the people saw him and took a deep breath.

The man was so handsome that he was as cold as ice. Only a few of them could recognize him.

"President Chu, who brought you here?" Seeing the person who was shouting at her angrily, Ivy could do nothing but stop cursing.

Although her wrist was hurt by his grip, she had to grit her teeth and hold back her pain.

At the same time, Maynard threw her hand away and extended his hand backward, without even looking at her.

Julie handed a handkerchief to Maynard.

After Maynard carefully wiped his hands, he throw them lightly on the ground and casually raised his eyes. "I have a disobedient little girl running here. I'm coming to take her back to the commandment."

Hearing this and feeling that everyone was looking at her, she was freaked out.

"My little girl?" Ivy thought he was joking. "We have never left here. We would know if there is really a cat or a dog running here."

"That's right."

Several sophisticated men echoed with fake smiles on their faces.

Viola suddenly felt her fists itchy, and wanted to beat people, calling her a little animal? No one can make so sarcastic remarks.

Suddenly, she felt someone hugged her from behind. When she was about to push him away, he put his arms around her waist so tightly that she couldn't move.

But the man's next words completely overwhelmed her mind.

"She's my woman, not a cat or dog. You seem to be very happy to bully her."

"What!" Said Ivy in a sharp voice all of a sudden.