Can't stop loving you

Chapter 28 She Was Well Known

Since then, Viola had bad luck.

The coffee was smashed to the ground; the cold water from the washroom poured on her face. When she was in the CEO Office, she was being scolded.

"You are being unreasonable recently. Are you blaming me indirectly?" With his hands clasped on the table, Maynard sat square.

It was a hot summer day outside, but Viola felt the room was cold and snowy.

"No, no," hurried an explanation, after rolling her eyes over and over again She would like to do that, but she really didn't.

"Clap!" A folder hit her feet.

"Then you can tell me just now in the meeting room, the documents to attract investment. How can it become such thing after all the people open it?" Jay took a deep breath and pinched the temples beside his nose wearily.

With her legs folded, Viola lowered her head to look at the file bag on the ground. Immediately, a colorful comic book was exposed.

Since she was splashed by cold water, she felt a little cold and couldn't help but gently cough.

She explained with a bitter smile, "Mr. Chu, I don't know how it has changed from a business document to a lovely godly bury, but I really didn't do it!"

"Oh, it wasn't you. Did someone want to frame you?" Maynard's eyes were as sharp as knives. He looked at her up and down arrogantly.

"Yes! What do you think? " She had never been so unlucky, except for being poor.

"Haha!" Maynard sneered coldly, "Why did they frame you? Can you speak it out? "

Viola pointed at her own finger, deliberately glanced at him in shyness and said, "Mr. Chu, they said that we had relationship and disliked me, so they played tricks on me. You can't leave me alone!"

"So you deserve it." The corners of Maynard's eyes twitched slightly. He decisively called Julie in and said, "Take her out of here."

Julie didn't let her go until she was taken to the corridor.