Can't stop loving you

Chapter 26 Just Mind Your Own Business

The bodyguards escaped quickly, so Viola failed to kick them. Her anger did not abate but increased.

When she thought of the purpose of her coming, she was not happy. "Maynard, if you're unhappy with me, come at me. let go of the members of the magazine."

Viola bit her lips angrily. It was all her fault. If she didn't solve it, she would feel sorry for them and don't want to face life danger when going out.

"I refuse." Maynard raised his eyebrows, but obviously, he was not interested in her suggestion at all. He stood up and went upstairs. Before taking a glance at her, he said, "You'd better stay here obediently."

He drove away a dozen of bodyguards by the way. It seemed that in his eyes, Viola could not make any big trouble at this time.

Watching his receding figure, Viola blew out a lock of hair that covered her eyes, and said ferociously, "You'll see! I don't believe you can do that!"

Like this, Viola was tied for three hours. During this time, she shouted abuse at the people upstairs, but nobody responded at all.

Tired of scolding, she tried more than once to unlock the door.

Maybe God had seen her efforts, or maybe her hard work paid off, she obviously felt that the rope on her body began to be loosened, and she was complacent about it.

To her surprise, two bodyguards came over and deliberately tied her up again.

She watched the bodyguard leave with a dull look in her eyes. It took quite a while for Viola to react. She was so anxious that her eyes turned red. "Maynard, get out! Come out! Don't play dumb with me! "

Hearing the endless cries of fear and alarm from him, Maynard, who had come through every means, stood at the corridor upstairs, with his hands on the handrail in a casual manner. "This morning, I asked somebody to install a monitor in the living room. I advise you not to play any tricks!" he said in a low voice.

Upon hearing this, Viola almost took her breath away. It turned out that she was just a contemptible scoundrel in his eyes after being tortured for so long!

She was hurt a lot!