Can't stop loving you

Chapter 16 Mr. Chu Is Scolded

In the afternoon, Viola was woken up. At that time, her head was covered by a blue sheet, and her brain was still in a trance.

She could only hear the conversation between a man and a woman not far away.

All of a sudden, she came to herself and stretched half of her head out of the sheet secretly. Seeing that the female doctor criticized Maynard as a subordinate, she was shocked.

Did she see it wrong?

Maynard, the pride in everyone's eyes, had also been cursed one day?

Surprised as she was, she took half of her head back as soon as possible for fear of being discovered.

"How did you make a boyfriend?" The female doctor put her hands into her pockets with displeasure on her face, "Don't you know how hot it is? How dare you lock her in the car alone? "

Viola moved her head slightly under the quilt. She was totally confused.

Girl friend? What the hell?

With a poker face, Maynard explained seriously, "She's not my girlfriend."

At first, Viola wanted to step up and say something about existence, but when she heard the evil voice, she chose to pretend to be dead in silence.

She didn't forget what he had done this noon. He hurt her and she almost couldn't see the sun tomorrow.